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제목: [BBRC] 2011 May 17. [Epub ahead of print]  [2011-06-17 16:45]
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Title : OsJAR1 and OsJAR2 are jasmonyl-l-isoleucine synthases involved in wound- and pathogen-induced jasmonic acid signalling


Abstract :

The synthesis of JA-Ile was catalysed by JA-Ile synthase, which is a member of the group I GH3 family of proteins. Here, we showed evidence that OsGH3.5 (OsJAR1) and OsGH3.3 (OsJAR2) are the functional JA-Ile synthases in rice, using recombinant proteins. The expression levels of OsJAR1 and OsJAR2 were induced in response to wounding with the concomitant accumulation of JA-Ile. In contrast, only the expression of OsJAR1 was associated with the accumulation of JA-Ile after blast infection. Our data suggest that these two JA-Ile synthases are differentially involved in the activation of JA signalling in response to wounding and pathogen challenge in rice.

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